10 Easy and Time Saving Travel Tips

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1. Security and Keeping Details Safe

Keep a scanned copy of your passport, passport photos, and paper tickets. You can also store this in a cloud-based account, like Dropbox. Be sure to include the telephone numbers of your credit card and bank support departments, so you know who to contact if your credit card or ATM card is lost or stolen.

2. Split up your valuables

Split up your bank cards, cash, travelers cheques, and credit cards between your person and your bags. In the event your bags get lost, you should have at least one credit card on you.

3. Small Bottles

Use small bottles to pack toiletries and other small items. See-through ones make it easier to get through security.

4. Backpack Tips

When using a backpack, place the lighter items at the bottom and the heavier ones on top. Your bag will feel lighter this way as the pack rests on your lower back. Be sure to place the things you use the most on top or in side pockets. Dirty clothes are perfect to pack at the bottom of a backpack.

5. Leak-Proof Plastic Bags

It’s handy to have plastic bags around some items, especially toiletries, to protect from leaks. Larger bags are useful to collect dirty or wet clothes.

6. Pack in Plastic

Separate your clothing by type (underwear, t-shirts, shorts etc.), into clear plastic bags. It’s much neater when you unpack your bags and you’ll be able to see exactly what you have.

7. Clothes

Take only what you know you will use and if you’re traveling for an extended time, plan to wash on the road. You can also cut back on the number of items you need by packing multipurpose clothing, like trousers that you can zip the legs off to create shorts.

8. Split up clothes when traveling with others

If you’re traveling with others, have a change of clothes in each others bags. If one person’s luggage doesn’t arrive at the destination, they’ll still have clean clothes available.

9. Separate Beach Bag

This one is just a time saver especially if traveling with kids! If you plan to visit the beach put everything you think you might need into a beach bag inside your backpack or suitcase.

10. Suitcase lovers

When using a suitcase without a divider (and you’re not practicing Tip #6), you can use a piece of cardboard. Not only does this make an excellent divider, but it also makes airport inspections a bit easier if all your belongings are neatly organized.

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