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While people visit beaches, tropical islands and hotels, others thought of visiting historical places like Turkey. Turkey is a haven of culture where the locals promote their own style, products and food. This country has a colorful history and it is evident in their buildings, parks and other destinations. You may want to visit Turkey for a different kind of adventure. If you want to be more certain, here are the reasons why you need not to misses Turkey on your list.

1. Colorful history. As was mentioned earlier, Turkey boasts of a colorful history. The country experienced different events that it is even made the center of protests during the time when Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan was in the seat. The demonstration of righteousness and loyalty made the Turkish people more optimistic than ever. You can talk to the locals and tell them about how they gathered in Gezi Square to show signs of objection against the prime minister.

2. The Turkish bath. Turkish people have a unique way to bath themselves, and this is via steam. This practice goes all the way back in the ancient times where the Roman and Hellenic royalties take their bath with luxury. Every town in Turkish has at least one Turkish bath, or locally called as hamam. There are different options in haman. You can go for a self-service where you go and bath by bringing your own soap, shampoo and towel. It is recommended that you opt for the traditional style where a local Turkish will do the bathing for you. You will get a massage as you are taking a bath, and it is as good as 15 minutes of relaxation. There are other hamams that offer aromatherapy massage, reflexology and others. Experience a romantic gesture of love and purity.

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3. The Traverna. The traverna is the local pub where you can sit and talk with the locals along with freshly brewed mugs of beer. Never miss to order raki while you are at it. Also, be sure to participate in their song and dance numbers. A couple’s experience that is worth remembering.

4. Turkish Food. Turkish food is already recognized worldwide. Their famous shawarma is to die for – even their local lamb and goat dishes are so flavorful. You also need to taste their traditional tea. Their local teas are hot, fragrant and embody the rich flavor of Turkish food. Also, their local coffee has a different kind of flavor, in a good way. It is freshly brewed to perfection so you can almost taste the coffee as soon as the strong aroma goes into your nose.

Of course, Turkey also has the most fantastic beaches, technological parks and so much more. A romance full of everything is here in this grand place and all you need to do is to savor their offers. A wedding venue, and honeymoon vacation; it is like hitting many different birds on one stone: A rich culture, flavor food, interesting locals and majestic destinations.

So, why not include Turkey in your options of wedding and honeymoon venue? There are more than enough reasons why. In fact, you cannot think of one reason, only a few good ones. You can only experience all these reasons if you choose Turkey.

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