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There is never emptiness in the trip. Every day of the vacation is devoted to see more and more amazing places. Choosing a perfect destination for those who want to escape from clatters of urban life is somehow important. One of the most famous tourist destinations that have captured the hearts and minds of tourists is Cook Islands in the South Pacific; these famed islands in the southern part of the world, is an ultimate vacation destination for the vacationers. In this lovely place of South Pacific a lot of excitement and fun are waiting to be discovered, explored and re-discover. These mesmerizing islands are just right for a journey because its climate is friendly year round, and the scenic spots are rejuvenating.

The 15 Cook Islands are spread across the south Pacific over about two million square kilometers, of the Pacific Ocean. They stretch out in the heart of the Pacific Triangle, about midway between Fiji to the west and Tahiti to the east. These Polynesian tropical charms have a collective population of an average country town: about 14,000 unique and gracious souls.

The attractiveness and charisma of the Cook Islands is harmonized only by the kindliness and natural generosity of the locals. The culture is uttered through music and dance, and the islanders take immense pride in customary songs, Sunday hymnals, and the unique crafts which exist in their day-to-day lives.

Rarotonga, the largest of the fifteen islands noted with white sand beaches and a high mountainous interior, encircled by a shielding reef and lagoon. Somewhat volcanic and partly atoll, Aitutaki brags a crystal clear turquoise lagoon and white sand beaches , which is perfect for water sports. Step back in time and enjoy true Polynesia in a unique and pristine vacation or honeymoon destination.

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The travel to this fantastic island is exciting and amusing; because of the escapade that awaits the family, couples, groups of friends, retirees, nature lovers, corporate and so on. The island hopping that starts anywhere is a surprise. The image of the islands especially its lovely beaches that are merely fine white sand and crystal clear blue waters are sights to view! The impressive sights as if talked together in a tryst for the tourists to see. The luxuriant milieu of nature in this part of the world is astounding that one cannot help to go back and experience Cook Island getaway for one more or two more times.

Proud of the rare beauty, a tropical climate, warm welcoming people and a pace of life unsurpassed for relaxation and romance, the unspoiled Cook Islands offer a startling quantity of tourist attractions for couples, families, and friends’ getaways.

A lot consider the local cuisine to be the best of the Pacific Islands with copious seafood and locally grown fruit and vegetables. There are more than 50 terrific, cheap restaurants and beachside bars. Only 32 kilometers in perimeter, and takes less than an hour to drive around by scooter or bus – you’ll experience like you’re at one full-size resort!

The fabulous island of Rarotonga is the vivacious core of the Cook Islands. It’s subjugated by a once powerful volcanic pyramid, toothed peaks and razorback ridges and is carpeted in lush green vegetation that fall into turquoise lagoons.

Cook Islanders take pleasure in a serene and unwavering lifestyle with countless indispensable services sponsored by its former colonial master New Zealand, just a five- hour fly to the southwest. It has an excellent tourism infrastructure and benefit from a growing status amid those looking for that South Pacific paradise frequently dreamt about.

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