Become A Travel Consultant With A Host Agency

A host agency, like, is one that employs independent travel consultants to provide service for their customer-base.

There are lots of variations on this structure, from the business being almost entirely made up of contractors to only a percentage on the operation being managed this way. falls in to the latter category.

The advantage to the independent travel consultant is that you’ll use the host agency’s credentials to sell travel as well as receive training, market support, be part of an established online presence, and numerous other benefits (FAM travel will be covered in a follow up post).

In return, it’s typical that the host agency receives a portion of the sales commission – has one of the best splits in the industry!

And when deciding what agency you want to join, you also need to consider their reputation and growth potential. has been in business since 1996 and their supplier relationships, agent education support, and profit potential is among the best in the business.

To begin your journey to becoming an independent travel consultant and to learn more about, visit their website’s informational page, Become A Travel Agent!

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