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Marvelous as the diving is, there’s greatly further to do on this less renowned island- Bonaire! It lies 30 miles from Curacao, 50 miles north of Venezuela, 86 miles east of Aruba, outside of the Caribbean hurricane belt.  A 24 miles long by 3-7 miles wide (112 square miles), and has NO traffic lights!

Drive north along the dazzling road up Bonaire’s west coast past a primary flamingo-viewing lake called Gotomeer. Experience a day in Washington-Slagbaai National Park, more than 13,000 acres of flora and fauna, of wide dirt paths lined with spiny pears and many-armed guida cacti and bordered by indigenous trees. Amazing rock structurse like Seru Bentana rise touching the sky, and flocks of bird and beast’s leisurely walk or fly by at the Pos Mangel watering hole. Wanting to be solitary? Take a walk to one of the park’s countless beaches, a few no bigger than couple-sized.

Bonaire is regarded as the most excellent place for diving! It is highly regarded for being one of the most environmentally conscious islands in the Caribbean! A head in sustainable tourism and believes in development while maintaining environment and civilization. Generally, areas of countryside are confined by law.

The Right Place to Go

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In Bonaire you may also experience a variety of luxury shopping in small boutiques and original souvenir shops as well as exclusive day spa treatments on all resorts and around Kralendijk spot. If you are and art enthusiast you will be astounded of the great artists, as they welcome you every Friday. Take the opportunity to visit the art market in the Wilhelminaplein in downtown Kralendijk. Its most popular top shop is world-famous, Bonaire Windsurf Place- the only locally owned and operated windsurf shop; situated along on the windward side of the island known as Sorobon, at Lac Bay where the water is shallow and warm, steady trade winds, and a beautiful beach – perfect conditions for catching some wind in your sails and claiming the freedom of the water, but in a protected, secured area.

Journey to Bonaire would be imperfect without a voyage to one of the islands beautiful beaches. Its coastline is as dissimilar as its underwater landscape. A few beaches are craggy and rocky, while others are sheltered in smooth sand that is perfect for sunbathing. When you want a vacation of pleasure and joy make sure you don’t miss any hidden gems throughout your vacation on Bonaire.

Bonaire recommends all that you imagine from a Caribbean vacation like sun and beach, good food for a reasonable cost and what makes it even more attractive is the local currency which is US Dollar.  No aggravation with currency converters it’s easy and simple. Every banks tender easy and fast service to let you spent your Dollars on Bonaire.

Bonaire is easily accessible for Europe, South America and the US, Caribbean crossroad for pleasure and Leisure! Take your trip now and enjoy a relaxing and friendly family vacation on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean- the right place to go to experience an unforgettable vacation!

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