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Geographically, the Caribbean region is mainly a chain of islands surrounding the Caribbean Sea.  The region is southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, the Straits of Florida and the Atlantic Ocean, east of Central America, and north of South America.  Positioned largely on the Caribbean Plate, the region covers more than 700 islands, islets, reefs and cays.  These islands usually form island arcs that delimit the eastern and northern edges of the Caribbean Sea.

The region experiences year-round sunshine, divided into ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ seasons, with the second half of the year being mistier than the first half, while the northern islands, like the Bahamas, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, may be influenced by arctic air masses throughout winter months, such as cold fronts.

This Caribbean region boasts an abundantly diverse heritage with British colonial ancestries in Antigua, Grand Turk’s Bermudan influences, and of course, the rich Dutch and French cultures of extraordinary St. Maarten.  Prevalent official languages of various countries in the region are Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Haitian Creole, Antillean Creole French, and Papiamento.

You can uncover any kind of island adventure here in the Caribbean. With so many islands, beaches, cultures, flavors and waves to choose from, how could you not consider this on your bucket list?  Here are a few of the breathtaking natural beauties of this region:

Caribbean Travel Deals

Barcelo Aruba Hotel

From the fascinating guestrooms to the beautiful beaches, The Barcelo Aruba Hotel provides guests a unique experience on the Palm Beach seafront, along the high-rise boardwalk, on the Caribbean island of Aruba.  This hotel stands out for its sports and leisure amenities such as tennis courts, instructor-led activities, beach volleyball, exciting sports activities including diving and snorkeling due to its special location on the wonderful beach.

The hotel caters 373 rooms, all with a balcony; guests can appreciate some truly tranquil sunrises and sunsets.

The hotel’s delectable and various dining options will satisfy even the most discerning palates, with international dishes, buffet or à-la-carte dining and snacks served in its 6 restaurants and 3 bars.

Anse Chastanet St. Lucia Caribbean

One of the most romantic havens, this intimate hideaway is the perfect retreat for couples looking to escape.  Anse Chastanet is nestled amidst a lush 600-acre estate with two soft-sand beaches and breathtaking views of the St. Lucia’s twin Piton Mountains Gros and Petit Pitons and the Caribbean Sea.  It is built in 1968 by its owner/architect Nick Troubetzkoy.

Making the most of St. Lucia’s lush tropical beauty, activities range from yoga, jungle biking, hiking, and bird watching to snorkeling on the reef, scuba diving in the surrounding marine reserve, relaxing in the tranquil Kai Belté Spa, kayaking, or just swaying in a hammock by the sea.  A variety of restaurants and bars, an art gallery and panoramic views of lavish coconut palm trees and bright tropical flowers.

From high mountain peaks to sparkling reefs, spicy salsa rhythms to deep rolling reggae, pirate hideaways to sugar-sand beaches, the Caribbean is amazingly diverse.

So these are just some of the options and expectations you may need to know. Remember that life is a journey and you don’t need to spend it with work alone, you need to go out, have some fun and enjoy being alive. Take that trip today and you will never regret. TropicalTravel.net has many great deals to all points of the Caribbean.

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