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Are you searching for a romantic island getaway that would strengthen your feelings of love and fascinates your adventurous spirit? You need not to worry at all; Virgin Island is the perfect place for your storybook romantic wedding. Exchange of “I do’s” Tying the knot in Virgin Islands is as stress-free as it is magnificent with simple marriage laws. High green hills sinking down to enthralling turquoise bays, white powdery beaches, coral reefs, and ruins that stir up an era of sugar and a tragic period of slavery all find protection. The British Virgin Islands are a lover’s romantic getaway dream comes true. Soft breezes drift through the islands year round, and the island’s turquoise waters seem to twinkle with a million stars – day and night.

The day you arrive on the islands, you will be entertained by experienced wedding coordinators dedicated to assist you up to the last detail of your wedding, reception and honeymoon so that you can fully relax in the beauty of your special day. Coordinators will manage the entire event, including from menu selection, up to the integration of unique family traditions and themes into your ceremony. You will experience pre-nuptial treat of your life!

Rejoice during your honeymoon with a welcome bottle of champagne, private dinner on the beach and toast each other and the wonderful week ahead. Virgin Islands honeymoon vacations are well-liked because of the many romantic hotels that cater purposely to the special requests of couples and those looking to honeymoon in the Virgin Islands. The romantic landscape, the special ambiance, the superiority of services and accommodations summed up the credibility of Virgin Islands destination for a perfect honeymoon. You can wander sluggishly and admire the natural beauty or, for a change of pace practice sports, dance the night away, explore the local culture with your spouse.

Virgin Islands Wedding

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) have long been famed for its familiarity, exclusive isolation and simple beauty, all perfect ingredients for an remarkably unique wedding that will overwhelm all parts of your senses. In the British Virgin Islands couples may have 3 options of islands where do they want to celebrate their wedding venue and a whole range of options when it comes to just how you want to celebrate your special day. And the preferences certainly couldn’t be more romantic or extravagant. You can host your ceremony on a balcony with the backdrop view of the turquoise sea or be at one with nature at one of the wonderful tropical gardens. Or you could tie the knot by the beach shore or on a high mountain top overlooking the sea amidst lush greenery. And if you really want your special day to be extra special you can rent an entire island for yourself and your guests and have a private ceremony in virtually deserted surroundings with nature as your only witness.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect honeymoon spot, a wedding venue or just a romantic weekend for two, Virgin Island is the prime venue to go!

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