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Istanbul is one of the richest cities in the world. This is manifested by its amazing skyline and breathtaking architectural landmarks. To top it off, the city’s rich culture and the exotic foods attract thousands of visitors from around the world. Truly, Istanbul is one of the top destinations to travel. If you plan to visit this city, here are the fun things that you can do:

1. Eat their local foods

One of the most enjoyable activities in Istanbul is to taste their famous kebabs and other lamb meals. I fact, you can order a small serving just to see if it meets your taste requirements. If it does, you can always order for more. Try to visit the Lokanta Restaurant. They serve basic Turkish food like chickpea stew, lamb and meat dishes, eggplant dish and others. For a taste of the city’s own version of Pizza, visit Pideci. They offer Turkish pizza topped with different meat toppings and cheese, cooked in woodfire ovens.

2. Visit the Blue Mosque

Tour around the Blue Mosque and be captivated by the 260 stained glass windows with more than 20,000 colored tiles. The façade of Blue Mosque is already breathtaking and it gets even better once you go inside. This mosque is a historical landmark in Istanbul where the tomb of the founder, Ahmed I, is located.

3. Go Shopping at the Grand Bazaar

The grand bazaar is a shopping haven. In here, you can find different Turkish items, all lined up for bargain. The whole area is surrounded by colorful materials that will draw your attention. This place is the largest shopping spot in the world where more than 5,000 vendors are offering different items on over 60 streets.

Istanbul Turkey Vacation Istanbul Turkey Vacation

4. Visit the Topkapi Palace

This palace is the oldest in the world. Be amazed on how the royalties live in ancient times where the wives and concubines used to live. You can also see traditional wall arts, old jewelries and other great finds.

5. Enjoy a Turkish Bath At The Cemberlitas Baths

Experience how it is like being a traditional bathing session at the Cemberlitas Baths. This is a great way to relax after a whole day of walking around the city. The Cemberlitas Baths offers a different kind of adventure wherein the attendant will do the scrubbing and cleaning on your worn-out body. After which, you will be given a massage that will further relax the muscles around your body.

6. Ride a ferry on The Bosphorus

This is where you can see other infrastructures such as the waterfront of Arnavutkoy, Dolmabhace Palace, Emirgan Park, Ortakoy and other amazing architectural buildings. You will enter in a narrow way that divides the Asian and European part of Istanbul.

Visiting in Istanbul is like going into another world where culture, art and landmarks are different from the way you live. Be captivated with the city’s charm by learning their way of life and meet different people along the way. Truly, your vacation will be all worth it when you visit Istanbul.

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