Marvelous Jamaican Vacation

Marvelous Jamaican Vacation

Whenever the name Jamaica is uttered, it’s always synonymous with gorgeous beaches and perfect vacation. In this island country, tourists are always amazed of the different sights, sites, and sounds, only to be experienced in marvelous Jamaica. This dazzling nation which is the third largest island of the Caribbean was once ruled by the British government, and that is why its government, education, and language are patterned after it.  It is a popular destination having a tropical weather, hot and humid. This country has the 7th largest natural harbor in the world, and is proud to have a modern airport and transportation facilities. These facilities make it ideal for the millions of tourist who visit this remarkable place every now and then.

Jamaica is a haven for a variety of terrestrial, and aquatic wonders, its ecosystem is laden with amazing features, like the dry and wet limestone forest, plus the magnificent sights of the caves with finely sculptured lime stones, stalagmites and stalactites that adorn it perfectly. There are stunning rivers, attractive coral reefs, sea grass beds and marine creatures that happily compliment with one another. For the nature lovers, the experience of bonding with these wonders is surely unforgettable. This country has protected forest reserves, with trees excellent for timber, and an unbelievable collection of plants and animals variety of species. It has also the first marine park in this part of the world.

The highly diversified sanctuaries of freshwater and estuarine environment are hailed by many scientists and tourists because of the number of fishes that thrive in this region. Aside from that, the white sand beaches of Jamaica are absolutely lovely, and picture perfect. Words aren’t enough to describe the sceneries by the beach because of the great combination of the colors of nature that adorn the place. The generous motley of natures’ treasures is arranged in such a way that it becomes unique and unbelievably charming to enjoy and see.

The modern Jamaica has been admired by many travelers. Because of its outstanding beauty, it has become the location scene of many movies, the most popular of which are the James Bond flicks which number to four, shot almost entirely in this island country. The fresh air and convivial atmosphere of the country is fantastic, that is why Ian Fleming chose it to be the set of his James Bond movies. Punk music and hip-hop, the well-known music of today are known to be influenced by the Jamaica’s reggae and other style of sounds.  Tourists are not only entertained by this fascinating sound but also of the beautiful hotels and resorts located in magnificent locations, with cuisine that is perfectly prepared to suit the palate of every guest.

For sure staying in Jamaica for a vacation break is unforgettable. The magic is there, and the people too are amazing. Catching the beauty of nature in this Caribbean region is a glorious experience. Going to this wonderful place is a gift for oneself, the family, and friends, which will last for a long time indeed.

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