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Mexico is one of the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and that’s not the only language spoken in the country. More than 60 indigenous languages are spoken in Mexico. You will find that Mexicans have good traits like high family ties, very social population, usually kind and good willing people. Mexicans love to eat and drink and have loud local live music to cheer us up. Mexicans are also hardworking and love to party. Mexico has a lot of honest people but also a lot who love to collectively ignore as much laws as possible. Corruption and nepotism is rampant, although a lot of recent laws are aimed to fight both, it is a historic cultural thing. Talking about the quality of life, it can be as good as you can afford it such as Fast internet and general high technology is available. The food in Mexico is just amazing. Despite the common conception in the United States that Mexico is a poor country, Mexico’s economy is growing faster than its northern neighboring states.

Mexico Vacation

Mexican cuisine is considered intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, 3rd place in cultural heritage cities, only after Spain and Italy. Taco is a historical dish in Mexico. It is one of the most popular varieties of tacos, with origins dating back to the 1920s and 30s and the arrival of Lebanese and Syrian immigrants to Mexico. To create tacos, thin strips of pork are sliced off a spit, placed on a corn tortilla and served with onions, coriander leaves and pineapple. Mexico beats out the brass jams on a daily basis. It all comes down to bandas, the heart of both traditional and popular genres of Mexican music. Every Mexico traveller is charmed by mariachi, but bandas are a part of several broader genres, the most characteristic being ranchera, quebradita and corridos. Mexican people celebrate the Day of the Dead festivals which takes place across Mexico. Three of the most elaborate are held in San Andrés Mixquic (in Tláhuac, Mexico City), Patzcuaro, Michoacán and Janitzio, Michoacán.

While Mexico as a whole certainly cannot be considered a developed nation, it may be said that just like it bares an incredible biodiversity, it does the same in terms of development, so you can find just about any lifestyle you are looking for. People from Spain and South America migrate to Mexico looking for better opportunities. Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara, the country’s three larger cities contain places whose development level is equal to that of cities in Europe. The best thing is that on average the country is cheaper, so we can see that as an economical advantage for an individual. Mexico has long been among the world’s most popular holiday destinations attracting sun seekers and food lovers alike. If you’re lucky enough to be planning a trip make sure you sample the best tastes and flavors the country has to offer. January and February are part of the dry season across most of Mexico.

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