Paradise within the Country of Panama

Paradise within the Country of Panama

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One of the most attractive tourism destinations in Central America is the amazing county of Panama. This striking country has many surprises that would surely bring a lot of happiness and stories to regale the vacationers. Named as one of the happiest cities in the region in 2012, this destination is visited by thousands of tourists each year. It can easily be reached either by plane or by a cruise, especially that it has the finest harbors in the region. Panama is also known for having the most competitive economy in Latin America, and boasts of the world renowned engineering marvel, the Panama Canal.

This incredible getaway is popular because of its fantastic scenic spots. Going for a vacation in this place would mean seeing two different oceans, the Pacific and Atlantic, the panoramic views of mountains and rain forests that are admired because of its flora and fauna. The abundant greenery’s of the forests and countryside of Panama is glorious, and refreshing. The unique climate of this place is ever friendly to the visitors, and that is why the wooded area of the land is 40% still available, because of the good humidity provided by the atmosphere. It has bird species endemic to the country and today, it has 900 bird species that are only found exclusively in the place.

A visit to this country is a paradise to water sports enthusiasts and environment tourists. Its eco-friendly sites like the mountains, rainforests, and activities like hiking and bird watching are unforgettable. Canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting and boating are available for those who would like to have water adventure. Whale watching, fishing, diving, snorkeling, and exposure to marine life of Panama are worth watching and experiencing.  This fantastic experience completes the trip for the nature lovers. Urban experience in the city of Panama is dazzling, because it has vibrant urban life, where fashion and dining is remarkable.  Getting closer to its culture is a great opportunity, like its architecture which dates back a hundreds of years, festivals, and regional celebrations.

One will admire the native culture of this getaway specifically the cuisine, potteries, wood carving and the visit to its museums and historic ruins. Aside from these, the guests may also go horseback riding; experience the zip lines for more adventure and seeing the hot springs for relaxation and rejuvenation. Panama is known also for its delicious coffee and so while in the country, the vacationers will have to experience tasting it and experience the pure pleasure of this exceptional beverage.

In this destination, the vacationers can find the most outstanding accommodation and amenities in the hotels and resorts. This makes the stay in this wonderful haven an inspiring and memorable one. The radiant entertainment of the hotels and resorts complete the trip. The tourists can avail of the best communication facilities in this part of the world. Panama is the place to be. A visit to this destination is a shining moment that would always be a part of the traveler’s memory.

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