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Hawaii is the main reason why cruises are always bound for this tropical destination because of its grandeur. Hawaii can proudly claim as one of the homes of the finest beaches and resorts in the whole world. These bountiful islands never fail to attract thousands of visitors each year because of its fantastic and striking sights that can only be found in this getaway. The beaches are immaculately lined up in the finest sand, and match charmingly with the blue waters of the Pacific. The adorable palm trees and the line of colourful flowers adorn this haven for tourists. Visiting Hawaii is an experience that will surely captivate the hearts of the vacationers.

Anini Beach
One of the north shore’s most protected and safest beaches; Anini Beach is a great spot for beginning windsurfers while the channel that cuts through the reef is popular among experienced windsurfers and kite surfers as well as spear fishers. Near the reef on the northwest area of the beach is a sudden 60-foot drop-off that is popular among scuba divers. Many people enjoy beachcombing along Anini Beach because it is one of the best beaches for finding the rare and valuable Niihau shells as well as cowries. Nearby to the beach park are polo fields which are often used on Sundays for the sport.

Kee Beach
Provides the quintessential Hawaiian beach experience with sparkling white sands and pristine water in a lush, tropical setting; during the summer months Kee Beach is usually perfect for recreational swimming and snorkelling, and the beach is great for families with kids, and a fun and incredibly scenic place to have a picnic. Commonly seen fish include butterfly fish, surgeonfish, damselfish, wrasses, and many more. Walking east along the shoreline from Kee leads to spot that has great Na Pali Coast views. Kee Beach is great for swimming, snorkelling, and scuba diving only when the water is calm, sunbathing, fishing, beach walks, exploring.

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Green Sand Beach
The striking green sand of Green Sand Beach, also called Mahana Beach and Papakolea Beach, is the result of olivine deposits in the nearby rocks. Mahana Beach can be quite windy in the afternoons so it is best to come early. Mahana Beach is exposed to the open ocean and subject to strong waves breaking on shore. Stay very close to shore if you swim as there are strong offshore currents. Do not go in the water at all if it appears rough. Removing any sand from this beach is not allowed.

Magic Island beach
Magic Island beach has great views of the high-rises of downtown Honolulu and the majestic Koolau Mountains. This beautiful sandy beach within Ala Moana Beach Park is somewhat protected from the open sea, although the usually calm water is sometimes subject to strong currents as well as ocean surges. The nearby grassy area and palm trees lining the shore add an extra charm. Snorkeling isn’t as good as some other beaches. Magic Island beach has great views of the high-rises of downtown Honolulu and the majestic Koolau Mountains.

It’s high time for the vacationers to indulge in the pleasures of this remarkable tropical cruise. Joining this trip is a perfect bliss. TropicalTravel.Net has all the best destinations in Hawaii.

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