Puerto Rico: 10 Must See Places

Puerto Rico remains to be one of the best Caribbean destinations. This archipelagic jewel is known for its pristine beaches, rich coral reefs, surfers’ waves, kayak lakes, bioluminescent bay, massive cave and underground-river systems, rainforests, museums, historical sites, magnificent colonial structures, and scientific observatory. All that you can explore apart from the lines of restaurants, bars, clubs, taverns and hotels that offer impressive amenities and warm services.

You will never run out of things to do in Puerto Rico. Here are 10 must-see places; each place offer diverse activities to fill-up your day and make the whole stretch of your vacation a worthwhile get-away.

1. San Juan
At day time, wander along San Juan’s cobblestone streets and be captivated by the lines of pastel-painted colonial structures. Visit El Morro, a grand fortress, and be amazed by its 140ft high and 15ft thick walls, labyrinth of crooked pathways, and view of the sparkling Atlantic. Check the museums and galleries’ wide collection of well-polished colonial artifacts.
At night, go with the rhythm of salsa coming from resto-bars, taverns and hotels where crowd of locals and tourists take pleasure with Puerto Rican cuisine and drinks.
When cruise ships docks at San Juan, world-class restaurants of South Fortaleza (SoFo) awaits the tourists; it is one place you should never miss.

2. Bioluminescent Bay
Be awed as you float over the sparkling waters of bioluminescent bay. Swimming or kayaking over the bejeweled waters especially at night is a fantastic experience. The bay has the highest concentration of phosphorescent dinoflagellates that glow in the dark.

3. Playa Isla Verde
Playa Isla Verde is known as Copacabana of Puerto Rico because of its wide and mile-long pristine beach where you can join flocks of beach bums getting their tan, playing beach volleyball, or enjoying Atlantic waters.

4. Playa de Flemenco
Playa Flemenco’s pristine beach comes with cresting Atlantic waves that will challenge your surfing skills. Mangrove-shaded hideaways are just nearby where you can rest in quiet and simply listen to the splashing of waves.

5. Lagos Dos Bocas and Caonillas
When beaches get too congested, 2-mile long lakes of Lagos Dos Bocas and Caonillas are a splendid alternative. You can simply enjoy the free launch ride or disembark in any of the restaurants around the lake. You can also go kayaking; most restaurants around offer kayaks for hire.

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6. Rio Camuy Cave
Be awed by the cathedral-like caverns of Rio Camuy Cave adorned with crystalline stalactites, mushroom-mounds stalagmites, flowing stone tapestries, and thundering underground-river. It is one of the very few massive cave systems in the world and has three crater-like sinkholes.

7. El Yunque Tropical Rainforest
El Yungue is the only true rainforest in the United States. Lush forest, verdant hills, crashing waterfalls, wide variety of wildlife, flora and fauna awaits you here.

8. Cañón de San Cristóbal
This breath-taking canyon will surprise you with deep green chasm that seems to immediately drop out to nowhere, rocky cliffs hiding veils of falling water, and the highest waterfall in Puerto Rico, Río Usabón. It cuts more than 500ft down through the central mountains. You will only see the canyon right as you approach its edge. The rift is so deep and narrow that the fields and hills of the surrounding high-mountain plateau disguise it.

9. Bosque Estatal de Guánica Biosphere Reserve
This 10,000-acre biosphere reserve is one of Puerto Rico’s great natural treasures. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this place is for you. Trails of various lengths and difficulties make hiking and biking here very thrilling

10. Park and Arecibo Observatory
Never miss the Arecibo Observatory that is nestled on top of the mountains northern Puerto Rico where you can view through the huge radar/radio telescope from an observation platform. The metallic symmetry of the giant (305 meter diameter) radar dish shimmers in dramatic contrast with the dense, green, tropical landscape. Operated by Cornell University, the telescope probes the ionosphere, examines planets and monitors natural radio emissions from distant galaxies, pulsars and quasars.

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