The Beaches of Maui

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The beaches in Maui are plentiful – with over 80 to choose from! The choices are numerous, so it’s worth spending some time before you travel to do a bit of research and pick your favorites to visit.

Here are three to get you started on your quest of finding the perfect beach for you.

Kaanapali Beach is considered one of the liveliest beaches with its close proximity to hotels and outdoor eateries and water sports rental store.

Hotel owners in Maui welcome beach guests to avail of hotel amenities such as bar, restaurant and beach chair rentals. This beach can become busy in certain areas but there is enough space to find a little oasis of quiet if that’s what you seek.

DT Fleming Beach Park in West Maui is a perfect little beach cove known for being quiet and peaceful with excellent conditions for swimmers and snorkelers.

Kapalua Beach is another popular beach. Being protected from strong winds and water currents by lava rock formations along with its crystal clear waters make this location very popular for people of all ages and experience levels to enjoy the water.

Launiunpoko State Wayside Park is popular among families with young children.

It is a small beach with a wading pool in a shady park for tots to enjoy. This spot is also known for the fabulous view of Kahoolawe, Lanai, and Molokai islands so you can relax and enjoy the view while your little ones enjoy the water.

When visiting the beaches in Maui consider parking and time of day that you plan to visit the beaches as they are all very popular with the locals and can become very busy on the weekends with some beaches having limited parking so plan your trip ahead of time.

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