The Benefits Of All-Inclusive Travel

Riu Caribe Cancun Mexico

When planning a vacation, the question often arises whether or not to opt for an “all-inclusive” travel package. Including everything from meals, drinks, activities and amenities, this option is certainly appealing but can often also come with a higher price tag.

US News & World Report explored this traveler’s dilemma in an article written earlier this year, reporting that: “prepaying for all the food, drinks, and relaxation you can buy can actually help you have a more enjoyable getaway because you don’t have to keep thinking about the money you’re spending.” Because the traveler is not pulling out their wallet constantly to pay for each and every little expense, and the fact that we tend to think less about past expenses than future ones, the all-inclusive, pre-paid vacation actually lets the traveler let go and enjoy.

This week on Tropical Travel we feature Riu Caribe, a four-star, all-inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico. Check out vacation options at the Riu Caribe, as well as other all-inclusive resort packages at

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