The Fun Never Stops at Los Cabos

One of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world, Los Cabos (San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas) in Baja California Sur, Mexico can give any top tourist spot in the world a run for their money. In terms of fun, entertainment, food, sights and overall thrills in both days and nights, the happenings at the ‘twin’ cities top them all, and more.

Among the many exciting vacation packages offered by Tropical Travels, few can top the many fun things possible. It has one potent combination of the sea, the sand, the sun, sports fishing, whale watching, dates on Temazcal (Mexican spa) or just walking along the boardwalk to shop till one drops.

The sea

The top attraction is the blue waters that frame the two cities – the cosmopolitan Cabo San Lucas where one finds the “El Arco” rock formation and the laid-back charms of San Jose del Cabo. Here one sees the 20-mile stretch of gorgeous beaches and resorts that connect them.
It is also at the rustic East Cape that one sees the Cabo Pulmo.

During summer, the storms stir up giant waves and the place becomes a mecca for surfers from all over. There are tour operators offering surfing lessons for amateurs and advanced surfers.

Sports fishing

Sports fishing is the sport that made Los Cabos famous, even until today. There are boats (23 to 110 feet) for hire to engage in the exhilarating sports fishing. A perfect day is spending in the blue sea, taking in the gorgeous scenery around, while waiting for the exciting moment when the fish bites.

Even for people who have not been fishing all their lives, the screeching sound of the fishing line pumps up the adrenaline in the blood. This is especially true when you see a jumping marlin several times while your line catches. (At the end, you need to release the marlin back into the sea.)

Los Cabos Vacations

Sand and sun

The marina boardwalk in Cabo San Lucas has the best boardwalk in all of Baja. The landscape, the sights, and the walkway bring out the adventure spirit in you. This is also true when evening comes in and the residents join the visitors in claiming the walkway for their evening promenade.

Coming on a cruise at Can San Lucas, the marina walkway will be the disembarking point. The walkway is lined with restaurants and bars. One can watch people move about. If the sun gets too hot, one can always cool off at air-conditioned shopping malls. At Los Cabos, what’s natural sits well with what’s man-made.

Tequila tasting

At Los Cabos, people can buy themselves some world-famous brands of tequila. Some restaurants can include some lobster omelet to go with the tequila. There’s a tequila ‘class’ from a ‘tequila ambassador’.

There are at least four Cabo tequilas to try, and every bar and restaurant have their own selection. Hotels and bars have their own namesakes in their tequila. Tropical Travel makes sure you can have your fill of tequila to talk about when you get home from Los Cabos.

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