Welcome to the Land of Burritos Delicioso Mexico

Mexico has an area of 761,601 square miles.  Mexico City is the country’s capital and the currency of the country is the Mexican Peso.  It is known as the 14th largest nation in the world with over 12 million population. The country has two different climactic areas, which are hot and dry and seasonal monsoon rains.  The northern part of the country is a desert region with cool winters and warm summers while the southern part have a stable climate year round.  January has been noted as the coldest month; on the other hand June is marked as the hottest month of the year.

Spanish is the well-spoken dialect of more than 90 percent of the country’s population.  The culture of the Mexican nation is one of the most prominent cultures worldwide.  They combined the artistic expressions, dominant native history and Spanish factor on their traditions and culture that makes them popular. Mexico is also a country that is filled with celebrations which includes fireworks display, parades, food gathering which they call “fiestas”.  The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, associated with the image of the Virgin Mary during December is also well celebrated.

Mexico is a haven for spicy food lovers.  They have many traditional spicy dishes like Burritos, Enchiladas and Tacos.  Tequila and Horchata are well known not just in Mexico but also all throughout the world.

Mexico might just be the perfect place for your next vacation.  Here are some of the Hotels and Beaches that you may choose from:

Mexico Vacation

Las Brisas Acapulco Beach Resort

Surrounded by lavish hibiscus gardens nestled on a hillside high above famous Acapulco Bay, sits the luxurious Las Brisas Acapulco resort, a 40-acre beachside haven, welcomes you to one of the most exclusive and extraordinary vacation destinations in the world, inspired by beauty, exceptionality, romance, and Mother Nature.  The sharp contrasts between the deep blue sea and the vibrant colors of the surrounding tropical vegetation display a sense of secluded elegance and form a truly unique atmosphere.

A stay at this luxury resort with 263 air-conditioned ocean-and bay-view Casitas (bungalow style rooms), is a one-of-a-kind experience.  Upon entering the resort, guests are welcomed with an ice-cold cocktail and ushered to a private guest villa thru signature white or pink jeeps.   A flower petal pathway leads guests through the spacious rooms to the oceanfront patios, to the private La Concha Beach Club and to all other resort facilities.   Among the daily activities you can enjoy here are Water Sports, Tennis, and Beach Club.  Guests can also pacify their heavy appetite with the famous Bella vista Restaurant, which offers flavorful collection of internationally inspired dishes and is a perfect setting for a romantic sunset dinner.  The La Concha Restaurant specializes sensationally prepared seafood and offers a swim-up bar and beachfront dining.

Villa Del Palmar Cancun

Located in the peaceful Playa Mujeres region of Cancun, Villa del Palmar Cancun is the perfect destination for those in search of escape and relaxation.  Villa del Palmar Cancun features 415 air-conditioned spacious suites, and luxurious penthouses.  All of these units offer remarkable views, with the majority boasting spectacular landscapes looking out to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.  Presenting 100 yards of beachfront, an array of water sports and extensive pool area, the Villa del Palmar is without a doubt a memorable vacation experience for singles, lovebirds, and families alike.

Mexico is just one of the many popular and gifted countries for tourists looking for Tropical Travel.  You enjoy the weather in this country while exploring the beauty of Nature. TropcialTravel.net has many affordable destinations to Mexico!

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