Why Go To Jamaica?

Jamaica is a tropical island with lots of fun-filled activities and pristine beaches. From its sunny weather to amazing its tourist spots, this island truly is worth visiting for. It is no wonder why tourists from all over the world come into this island just to experience what tropical living is all about. If you are still wondering if Jamaica is worth your time and attention, read these reasons why you should go to this paradise:

1. Amazing Beaches

Jamaica is the haven of pristine beaches. You can visit several beaches and just be captivated by the blue waters and white sand. If you want to experience partying and meeting lots of people, go to the Negril Beach. However, if you opt to have a tranquil place to hang out, the Cosmos Beach is just the right destination for you. For fun water activities, Boston Beach offers surfing lessons you will definitely enjoy. Other beaches you should consider are the Cornwall Beach, Long Bay Beach, Burwood Beach and Winnifred Beach.

2. Great Weather

This is the best place to get toasted under the sun. Get away from the winter climate and just bask yourself in Jamaica’s tropical weather. Get your bathing suit ready, and get the bronze skin you have always dreamed of. Jamaica has an average temperature of 81 degrees, but the wind blows a cold air. This is due to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica that provides a relaxing breath of fresh air from the trees.

3. Sumptuous Food

Tired of the same conventional meal? Get a one-of-a-kind adventure by tasting what Jamaica has to offer. Surround yourself with the local dishes and you will be surprised of the amazing flavors you can taste. Jamaica is rich in seafood, fruits and veggies – all these are cooked with their local spices and herbs. You should definitely try their jerked-seasoned food, also the curried meals. While you are at it, be sure to taste their national dish: ackee and saltfish.

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4. Fun Water Sports

If you have the guts, go and do some fun water activities. Learn how to surf with the wind or be under the sea by scuba diving. For your kids, you can choose to do snorkeling with them or just enjoy a fun boat ride. All these fun sports are up for grabs! The locals are always willing to help out. In fact, you can bargain their professional fee at an amount you can afford.

5. Affordable Shopping

In Jamaica, you will find some amazing pieces worthy of your budget constraints. Yes, there are many art pieces, local delicacies, jewelries and foods you can buy at low prices. Visit the Jamaican markets and you will find yourself lost with great deals and bargains. You can also visit designer stores near your hotel. Just ask any of your resort attendants and you will be arriving at the best shopping spots in no time.

You can also experience their rich culture, visit monumental places or just do golf with the other tourists. There’s just something about Jamaica that is truly worth visiting for.

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