Why Should You Choose Prague for Your Next Vacation?

If you are still thinking of where to spend your vacation you may want to include Prague on your list. Prague is no stranger to all. Everyone knows it is a beautiful place to choose for a romantic getaway or even have your wedding, as there are different attractions that sure to mesmerize you. However, all famous destinations have their own attractions to boast of in the first place. So why choose Prague? Here are some of the reasons why, aside from their attractions, you need to visit this haven of majestic scenery.

Undoubtedly, Prague is one of the most fascinating and romantic European cities suitable for your honeymoon trip. Local professional take all the tour aggravation off you and organize an private service during your stay in Prague:

Enjoying the Events

Prague is a place of excitement. Every month, there is always something to look forward to. That means, there is always something going on no matter when you are planning to have your wedding and honeymoon. Yes, Prague is not picky of the season as it offers a different kind of event all throughout the year.

Couples and their guests may experience one of the most popular events in Prague is the Bohemian Carnevale. This is one colorful party where local and tourists dress up to colorful outfit and parade around the place, Mardi gras style. If you plan to have your wedding in March, you can party along on the annual St. Patrick’s Day. This is a long-time holiday where pubs and restaurants provide an ambiance where the local music, culture and dance are showcased.

Other festivals include the Prague Beer Festival and the Food Festival, which usually happens simultaneously during May. This is a great time to taste the local delicacies and have fun doing so. There are lots of events that it is hard to miss one. Sadly, one tourist may only attend to a few during a visit. To know more of Prague’s annual festivities, go to your travel planner today.

Vacation in Prague

Convenient Transportation

It is hard to locate a certain destination especially when you are in a foreign land. But one good thing, in Prague they offer convenient transportation options that will get you to a certain place without any hassle. The taxis in Prague may be the most costly option for transportation but it is the most convenient. It is best to negotiate the price for a particular destination so you can bargain at a lower rate! Also, be sure to hail a radio taxi so you can get there fast.

Couples may get their chance to experience sightseeing while getting to a particular place, go and ride their trams. Trams are inexpensive options, plus you can see different sceneries along the way! Just be sure that you get your ticket to the kiosk or metro station before riding. Other options of transportations are the Metro transit and buses. You would know how to get around by getting a map. It usually comes free once you arrive on the airport, or you can get one from your travel advisor.

Romantic Shopping

A honeymoon is not complete without shopping. Prague boasts different shopping destinations where you can experience buying local goods to high-end items. There are lots of shopping malls scattered around Prague and you can get a great deal out of great stuff. Never miss to shop for garnets. These are popular souvenir from Prague but are usually costly. However, they can be bargained for reasonable prices.

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